Elastic shoestrings

Perfect for gym shoes
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    • Makes your shoes fit perfectly
    • Great for those who have trouble tying knots
    • Black or white

    These elastic shoestrings make it so your shoes fit wonderfully. Great for those who have difficulty tying normal shoestrings. Tie these shoestrings once and you can put on and take off your shoes freely. Perfect for those trainers that you never have the energy to untie!

    The shoestrings are 90 cm or 105 cm and come in either black or white. The easiest way to find out which length you need is to measure your old shoestrings. Another way is to count the number of holes your shoes have:

    5-6 holes: 90 cm
    7-9 holes: 105 cm

  • Article nr: 10633
    Stock availability: 0
    Length: 90 cm / 105 cm
    Material: Round elastic polyester shoelaces
    Quantity per pack: One pair

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