Safety blanket

Fast aid to prevent hypothermia
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    • Reflects your body warmth inside
    • Water- and wind-tight
    • Small and light

    This safety blanket helps keep your body warm when you become suddenly and extremely cold. This wind- and water-tight blanket reflects your body heat back inward in order to keep you warm.

    Even if it's warm outside you can suddenly get cold if you hurt yourself or fall into water. If an accident happens you can pull out this blanket, wrap it around your body and hold it as close to you as you can.

    The safety blanket is wind-and water-tight and takes up very little space when it is folded. It can easily fit into your coat pocket, on a boat or in a car's glove compartment. The safety blanket is also good to have in your backpack if you're going skiing.

    The safety blanket is made of aluminised plastic.
    Measures: 130 cm x 210 cm

  • Article nr: 11316
    Stock availability: 692
    Length: 210 cm
    Material: Aluminised plastic film
    Width: 130 cm
    Weight: 50 g kg

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