Electric screwdriver

Facilitates both small and large jobs for all DIY enthusiasts

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    • Operating time approx. 40 minutes
    • Powerful electric motor
    • Rechargeable battery

    The Electric screwdriver from Gylling does the job of screwing and unscrewing for you but can also be used as a manual screwdriver if you want to. The screwdriver is great for small or large jobs, and the powerful motor lets you both tighten and loosen many different types of screws.

    The screwdriver has a good grip and is easy to work with. The two buttons make it easy to handle and determines if you want to screw forwards or backwards.

    While the motor is running, a small LED-light is turned on to give you a good work light.

    Areas of usage

    The electric screwdriver is first and foremost made for you to avoid having to screw the many turns needed to screw in, or out, a screw by hand. Because of this, you only have to use hand power for the absolute last turn when the screw should be tightened or loosened.
    The engine is however, strong enough to handle tightening or loosening many different types of screws.

    Delivered with bits

    The screwdriver is delivered with bits (1/4” / 6,35 mm hex). You can quickly switch bits by pushing the chuck forward and attach the bit.

    The bits included are:

    1 pc 110 mm PH2
    1 pc 75 mm PH2 + 5,5 mm Philips-head screwdriver
    1 pc 75 mm PH1
    1 pc 75 mm PH0

    Charged with USB

    The electric screwdriver has a built-in battery that is charged with the accompanying USB-cable. The screwdriver can be charged in any USB-port or with a regular 1A USB-charger.

    Operating time per charge is approximately 40 minutes and the charging time is around 60 minutes. The light glows red when the screwdriver charges, and green when it is fully charged.

    Measurements: 14,5 cm x 4 cm x 4,5 cm
    Weight: 150 grams
    Torque: 2Nm (electrical), 10Nm (manual)
    Speed without load: 280 RPM
    Chuck: 6,35 mm Hex
    Operating time: ca 40 minutes
    Charging time: ca 60 minutes
    USB-cabel: 1 meter
    Battery: Li-lon 3.6V 850mAh

  • Article nr: 13515
    Stock availability: 5
    Depth: 4 cm
    Length: 14,5 cm
    Width: 4,5 cm
    Weight: 0,15 kg

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Electric screwdriver Electric screwdriver

Facilitates both small and large jobs for all DIY enthusiasts

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