Gator Grip - Universal Socket Wrench

A single tool to replace multiple socket wrenches
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Socket 11-32 mm
Socket 11-32 mm Socket 7-19 mm Wrench and socket 7-19 mm
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    • Adjusts to the size of the nut
    • Replaces a toolbox full of tools
    • Fits on drills and screwdrivers

    Size 12 or 13? How many times have you had to ask yourself which size you needed when working on a project? Did you grab the wrong socket wrench? Are you in the habit of grabbing extras just in case? Well that's all in the past now!

    The Gator Grip is a new type of sleeve that replaces multiple socket wrenches in your toolbox. Each socket contains 54 spring-based pins made of high quality hardened steel. When the socket latches onto something, the centre pins retract, allowing the outer pints to firmly surround anything that isn't perfectly circular.

    The device attaches directly to a ratchet shaft or a drill/screwdriver with a socket wrench adapter (included in socket wrench 7-19 mm kit). The Gator Grip can then be used wherever you would use a typical socket wrench, with the inner and outer pins working in concert to effectively mimic nearly any size you could need.

    Since this socket replaces so many tools, it is great and practical item to keep in your car, boat, caravan or home - anywhere space is at a premium.

    The Gator Grip is available either as a package or as a single socket.

    Gator Grip Wrench 3/8" and socket for sizes 7-19 mm. Comes with an adapter for drills/screwdrivers
    Gator Grip Socket for 7-19 mm nuts: fits 3/8" wrench
    Gator Grip Socket for 11-32 mm nuts: fits 1/2" wrench

    The Gator Grip is the patented original.

  • Article nr: 12285
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    Diameter: Outer diameter 11-32mm spanner: 4.4cm , Outer diameter 7-9mm spanner: 2.6cm
    Length: 11-32mm spanner: 8.8cm , 7-19mm spanner: 5.3cm , Socket wrench shaft length: 19cm
    Material: High quality steel alloy

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Gator Grip - Universal Socket Wrench Gator Grip - Universal Socket Wrench
A single tool to replace multiple socket wrenches
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