Foldable bathtub

The foldable bathtub
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    • Bath in the shower
    • Adjustable size
    • Easy to fold up and put away

    Children love a bath and BibaBad is the perfect solution for wetrooms where there is no bath, or where a bath is too bulky to install. Bibabad is a big foldfable bath for one or more children and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    The bath is flexible for all shower spaces and shower cabins. The size can be adjusted from 70 cm x 70 cm to 70cm x 90 cm, which are the dimensions of the minimum space needed for a water-filled bath. After use, the bath can be folded and put away. The bath is also ideal for hanging on a wall and takes up minimum space.

    BibaBad consists of a lightweight, rust-free and adjustable aluminium frame, adjustable straps, the bathtub fabric and a bath plug. The bath plug should be positioned over the shower space's drain and although all bathrooms look different, a hole with a diameter of up to 3 cm should be cut into the bathtub fabric, into which the bathplug should be fitted.

    Note that the bath should be filled with water to a depth of no more than 15cm , and small children should not bathe unattended.

  • Article nr: 10634-V
    Stock availability: 7
    Height: 35-45 cm
    Length: Adjustable dimensions 70 x 70cm, 70 x 80cm, 70 x 90cm
    Material: Polyurethane polyester, waterproof and treated for vintage look
    PDF: Installation guide
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc
    Weight: 3 kg

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Foldable bathtub Foldable bathtub
The foldable bathtub
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