Shower screen for children

Soft shampoo eye shield
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    • Protects eyes from water and & shampoo
    • Soft rubber shield
    • Velcro strap makes it easy to adjust the size

    Protect your child's eyes from water, soap or shampoo with a soft rubber shower shield. The shower shield is easy to fit and makes it easy and fun to wash your child's hair.

    Fit the shower shield to your child's head with a velcro strap that you can adjust to fit perfectly. The shield directs water away from your child's face so they don't get water, shampoo or soap in their eyes. Perfect for using on the beach or by the pool as sun protection.

    The shower screen is suitable for children from about 6 months and up with a head circumference of 40-55 cm.

  • Article nr: 13023
    Stock availability: 10
    Material: EVA
    Width: 9 cm

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