Foldable walking cane

Safe ferrule for stability on all surfaces
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    • Sturdy ferrule
    • Foldable
    • Adjustable height

    Foldable cane that combines style and functionality. Made from aluminium, it is both lightweight and durable. And with its ergonomic handle and sturdy ferrule, you get increased stability, which prevents both slips and falls. The height of the cane is adjustable between approximately 80.5-90.5 centimetres and the elegant blue flower pattern also gives the cane a stylish look.

    Lightweight and robust

    The cane is made of aluminium in four foldable parts, making it both lightweight and durable. The strength of the aluminium ensures that the cane can withstand the rigours of everyday life while maintaining a low weight. This makes it easy to handle, whether you're out for a walk or need to pack it up for a trip.

    Improved grip with the Ingrid dip shoe

    The cane's dip shoe is designed to provide increased stability and safety, which is essential for preventing slips and falls. With the Ingrid ferrule, you can rely on your cane to give you the right support, whatever the surface.

    Easy to store

    The collapsible design is perfect for the active user, and can be easily folded to store in a suitcase.

    Stylish floral pattern

    The blue flower design gives a fresh and vibrant feel. The folding cane not only supports your mobility but also enhances your personal style.


    Material: Aluminium
    Weight: 270 g
    Length, unfolded: Approx. 80.5-90.5 cm
    Length, folded: 31 cm
    Diameter: 1.6 cm
    Number per pack: 1
  • Article nr: 14226
    Stock availability: 23
    Diameter: 1.6 cm
    Length: Folded weight: 31 cm , Unfolded: approx. 80.5-90.5 cm
    Quantity per pack: 1
    Weight: 0.270 kg

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Foldable walking cane Foldable walking cane
Safe ferrule for stability on all surfaces
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