Glasses with reading window and colored lenses

Sunglasses with lenses for all kinds og weather
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    • Built-in reading window
    • Three interchangeable lenses
    • Dark lens with polarized glass

    Urbanium Terra are sunglasses with an integrated reading window and three interchangeable lenses in different shades. Most of the glass is without strength so you can see from a distance, and through the small reading windows you can read the instrument panel while driving or sitting and reading your book on the beach.

    Interchangeable lenses
    Your sunglasses come with three different lenses; a pair of dark polarized lenses, a pair of orange lenses and a pair of yellow lenses. The lenses are suitable for different weather conditions and you can quickly switch between them to adapt your sunglasses to how sunny, cloudy, light or dark it is outdoors. Yellow lenses, for example, are useful even in the evening, as they reduce the glare from headlights that are reflected on a wet road.

    Polarized glass
    The dark lenses are polarized. This means that they effectively reduce glare, glare and reflections from sunlight that are reflected by, for example, water, snow, roads and other surfaces.

    The reading window is available in strengths from +1.5 to +3.0
    Choose sunglasses according to the strength of the reading lenses. The sunglasses are available with reading lenses in strengths from +1.5 to +3.0. All lenses that come with a pair of sunglasses have the same strength in the reading window.

    Lightweight and comfortable
    The sunglasses weigh only 26 grams and have a comfortable fit. They are comfortable to wear whether you're playing sports, driving a car, going boating or sitting and reading in the sun.

    Replace the lenses
    To release the lenses, press the small button on the side of the temples. The lens then detaches from the frame and you can easily change to a lens in a different colour.

    Material and filtration
    The lenses are made of polycarbonate. They provide 100% filtration of UVA, UVB and UVC rays up to 400 nanometers. The durable frame is made of hypoallergenic Grilamid TR90.

    Sunglasses Urbanium Terra
    1 set of dark polarized lenses, light transmission 8-18%.
    1 set of orange lenses, light transmission 18-43%.
    1 set of yellow lenses, light transmission 18-43%.
    2 soft cases for the extra lenses
    1 hard spectacle case
    1 soft spectacle case

    Store the sunglasses and lenses in the case and avoid rapid and extreme temperature changes.

    Use only a microfiber cloth. If necessary, clean only with water or mild soapy water.
    Do not use alcohol-based cleaners or dirty and abrasive cloths.

    Weighted glasses with lenses: 26 grams
    Width: 14.5 cm
    Depth: 16 cm
    Width between the lenses: 2.6 cm
    Lenses: height 4 cm x width 6 cm
    Reading box: height 1.5 cm x width 2.7 cm
    Glasses case: 16.5 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm
    The sunglasses are CE marked and comply with Directive 89/886/EEC in accordance with standard ISO 12312-1.
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