Puncture Proof Bike Tyre

Say goodbye to pumping and patching
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Cycle tire tool
9.40 €
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    • Puncture proof
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    With puncture proof bike tyres you no longer need to pump your tyres or worry about getting a puncture. The solid rubber wheel is mixed with microscopic air bubbles and this combination ensures that it is practically impossible to wear the tyre out, so unless you are skidding and slamming down the brakes, your tyres will last for many years to come.

    Cycling on puncture proof tyres feels almost the same as cycling with regular tyres and they have the same shock absorbing qualities. The rolling resistance may feel somewhat different and you may experience that the tyres feel slightly different as you turn, but this does not affect the characteristics of the bike.

    The puncture proof tyre fits regular 'standard-sized bikes' with wheels that have a diameter of 622 mm (28") and an inner wheel rim between 19 and 21 mm.

    The tyres are extremely durable and can handle temperatures from -30°C to +50°C. The tyres are bought in packs of one so that you can buy just a single tyre when one of your old tyres is worn out or has a puncture.

    How do I know if the tyre fits my wheels?
    The puncture proof tyre fits the rims of most regular city bikes with a diameter of 622 mm. Check your tyres to see if they are marked 622.

    My bike has 28" wheels, will the puncture proof tyre fit?
    We cannot guarantee that the puncture proof tyre will fit your bike based on the fact that you have 28" wheels, as tyres with a diameter of 630 mm are also called 28" tyres. The puncture proof tyre only fits rims with a diameter of 622 mm.

    What do the numbers before 622 mean?
    The numbers before 622 (often 37) refer to the width of the tyres. This is not an important measurement. It is better to measure the inner rim of the wheel as this determines whether or not the puncture proof tyres will fit your wheel.

    Width of the inner rim?
    The width of the inner rim is the distance between the two edges of the rim where the tyre goes. If the inner rim is too narrow, the tyre will not fit into the rim. If it is too wide, the tyre will start wobbling.

    The tyre manufacturer makes a conscious effort to minimize the company's ecological footprint. The rubber is made of by-products from the oil industry. The production process does not produce any substances that are harmful to the environment or the workers. To a large extent, the production process runs on the solar cell panels installed on the roof of the factory in Middlesborough.


  • Article nr: 11549
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 622mm (=28 tum).
    Other: Fits wheels and tyres with a 622 diameter and an inner rim width of 19-21mm. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc
    Width: (380)10.28cm (500)11.85cm , Fits inner rim width of 19-21mm
    Weight: 0,8 kg

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