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Track the bicycle with your mobile phone
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    • Track your bicycle with a user-friendly app
    • Easy to install, difficult for thieves to remove
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    BikeFinder is a Norwegian-developed GPS tracker that can be used in both ordinary and electric bicycles. The small GPS tracker has a motion sensor and GPS tracking that allows you to quickly be informed and track your bike in the event of a theft.

    The modern tracking device uses both GPS, GSM and Bluetooth to track your bike. BikeFinder is mounted inside the handlebars and the unique locking device is almost impossible to remove without the included special tools that are replaced at regular intervals.

    With a few quick and simple steps, you're up and running and can start using your BikeFinder.

    1. Mount BikeFinder in the handlebars
    BikeFinder fits all bicycles with handlebars that have an inner diameter between 15-27 mm and have an opening at one end. The tracker is flexible and soft and also fits curved handlebars.

    Start by charging the GPS. Then mount the BikeFinder in the handlebars and screw it on with the special tool included. Unprepared thieves will not be able to remove the tracking device, which has a bracket that expands inside the handlebars.

    2. Subscribe to BikeFinder
    To take advantage of tracking in the app, you will need to subscribe to BikeFinder. One subscription is needed per device. Your subscription is automatically renewed but can be canceled at any time.

    Your tracker comes with a pre-installed eSIM from Telenor that works and has coverage throughout Europe. Once you have subscribed to BikeFinder, you can download the free app to your smartphone and start tracking your bike.

    BikeFinder offers subscriptions with or without insurance. You can read more about this on BikeFinder's website. Here you sign up for the subscription at BikeFinder -> (New tab to BikeFinder's website opens).

    Download the free app
    With the app, you can see where your bike is at any time. You will receive push notifications if your bike is moved and can take action quickly. In the event of a theft, you can also report it directly in the app. A BikeFinder employee will help you and also contact the police if necessary so that you can recover your stolen bike.

    In the app, you can also check the battery level and adjust the settings so that you get a push notification if the battery level falls below 40%.

    Up to 8 weeks standby time
    The GPS tracker has up to 8 weeks standby time. When used actively, the tracker draws more battery. You charge BikeFinder's battery when the tracker is inside the handlebars. Use an optional Powerbank (purchased separately) and the included USB C cable to charge BikeFinder in its USB port.

    BikeFinder is waterproof and can withstand all weather conditions. However, you should not charge the battery in minus degrees, so if it's cold outside, it's best take the bike inside and charge BikeFinder indoors.

    About BikeFinder
    The GPS tracker BikeFinder was developed in Norway by a former professional cyclist and some cycling enthusiast entrepreneurs. The goal was to develop a reliable tracking device with a long battery life that could fit the majority of all bikes on the market. The result was the innovative GPS tracker BikeFinder, which can currently be installed in over 95% of all bicycles.

    Since BikeFinder's launch in 2014, over 90% of all stolen bikes with BikeFinder have been found. Out of more than 2,000 other start-up companies, BikeFinder was one of two winners in Norwegian businessman Petter Stordalen's entrepreneurial competition "Strawberry Million" in 2017.

    In the package
    Charging cable USB-C
    Special tools
    Adapter for installation in larger handlebars
    Multilingual manual
    NOTE! Powerbank not included.

    Dimensions: 19 cm x 1.5 cm
    Weight: 52 grams
    Battery: 960 mAh
    BikeFinder must always be used with an approved bicycle lock.
    Certifications: IP67, CE, FCC, Rohs, Reach, UN38.8

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    Diameter: 1.5 cm
    Length: 19 cm
    Weight: 0.05 kg

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