Foldable bicycle lock

Prevents your bicycle from being stolen
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    • Highest safety class
    • 2 keys included
    • 85 cm in diameter

    Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 is a foldable bicycle lock of the highest safety class made by the German company ABUS. The foldable bicycle lock provides effective protection in areas where the risk of theft is high and is suitable for both bicycles and electrical bikes.

    With a combination of high-quality materials, high resilience, and a compact construction, Bordo makes for a smart lock to use for your bicycle. The collapsible links allow you to fold the lock while transporting it and unfold it when you need to lock your bicycle.

    When it is unfolded, the lock has a diameter of 85 centimetres that lets you reach around both the frame of the bike, and the pole you want to lock it to. The accompanying mount allows you to always bring the lock with you on the bicycle. The mount is attached to the frame with 2 cable ties (included).

    The bicycle lock consists of 5,5 mm thick links made from specially treated steel, that are joined together by special rivets. The links are extremely resilient and protects against powerful saw attacks. The cylinder ABUS XPlus is a precision-disc cylinder that provides the lock with the highest possible amount of protection.

    What happens if I lose the key?

    The bicycle lock is delivered with two keys. One main key with a built-in light, and one spare key without it. You also get a card with a personal code and if you ever lose one of the keys, or accidentally break it, ABUS can provide you with a new key from that code.


    The links, the housing, and the supporting parts of the locking mechanism are made of specially treated steel. The two-component coating on the links, and the soft silicone cover on the lock housing, prevents both the lock and the bicycle from getting scratches.

    Model: Bordo Granit™ XPlus 6500
    Safety classs: 15/15
    Circumference: 85 cm
    Lock weight: 1,5 kg
    Weight lock+mount: 1,7 kg
    Made in Germany

  • Article nr: 13527
    Stock availability: 2
    Length: 85 cm circumference
    Weight: 1,7 kg

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