Gravy whisk with cleaner

Great for stirring and makes use of all the gravy

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    • Use all the gravy
    • Gets to the edge and bottom
    • Perfect for batter and cold & hot sauces

    Swhisky is a clever gravy whisk with a push cleaner that allows you to make use of batter or gravy stuck on the whisk. The whisk's flat, rounded ends reach firmly into the bottom and edge of the pan and bowl and ensure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

    The gravy whisk is great for putting together hot and cold gravies and handy when mixing up a batter for sugar cookies or a sponge cake. The whisk is also great for making gravies and dishes on the stove that would otherwise easily burn at the bottom of the pan.

    Reaches the edges and bottom
    The flat ends are useful when making gravy in a saucepan and when whisking batter in a bowl. The ends reach well into the bottom and along the edges and make sure all ingredients are properly mixed.

    Self-cleaning function
    When you have finished whisking, pull the cleaner down along the rods and scrape the bottom of the whisk against the edge of the bowl or pan. The sauce that is left on the whisk ends up in the bowl instead, and you can now put the whisk down on the counter top without making a mess or start stirring in another pan without the sauces mixing.

    Designed and manufactured in Norway
    The Swhisky gravy whisk was designed and developed by innovator and carpenter Aleksander Storenes. The idea for the gravy whisk came about one evening in 2015 when Aleksander was whipping up a dipping sauce for chips. He was annoyed that there was so much dip left on the whisk as well as the whisk being difficult to wash afterwards.

    Aleksander searched for a solution, and when he found none, he decided to solve it on his own. He bought several different whisks, went into the garage and started modifying them. He experimented with both form and function, and after a while he had developed a prototype with a self-cleaning pusher.

    The prototype worked very well, and most of the chefs he showed the whisk to thought it was a good tool that didn’t make a mess as a bonus on the countertop. Aleksander's brother-in-law Sindre also thought it was a really clever invention, and they have been working as a team ever since.

    The Swhisky was patented in 2017, and since then, Aleksander and Sindre have completed the design and put it through countless tests. The finished product is a unique, high-quality whisk with a clever self-cleaning function.

    The Swhisky with cleaner is manufactured in Grimstad, Norway.

    Weight: 95 grams
    Length: 27 cm
    Diameter: 5 cm
    Whisk length: 14.5 cm
    Handle: 10.5 cm
    Material: food-grade plastic
    Cleaning: dishwasher safe

  • Article nr: 13834
    Stock availability: 42
    Diameter: 5 cm
    Length: 27 cm
    Material: Food-grade plastic
    Weight: 0.1 kg

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Gravy whisk with cleaner Gravy whisk with cleaner

Great for stirring and makes use of all the gravy

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