Folding balloon whisk

Smart whisk with three functions
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    • Three different whisks in one
    • Easy to store
    • Can be washed in the dishwasher

    Flisk is a collapsible balloon whisk that combines three different whisks in one. By turning the handle, the whisk can take three distinctly different shapes: a large balloon whisk, a sauce whisk and a completely flat whisk that fits more easily in the kitchen drawer.

    Balloon whisk

    When the whisk is fully extended, you have a large balloon whisk that effectively whips air into whatever you're whisking. Perfect when you whip cream or when you want to lightly whisk an egg.

    Sauce whisk

    When the whisk is half extended, it doesn't whip in as much air, which is practical when you need to mix sauces, gravy and other stir-fries.

    Flat whisk

    In the third and final position, the whisk is flat and is excellent to use to deglaze an oven dish or frying pan. Pour some water or wine into the frying pan so you can whisk up the delicious flavors in the bottom of the pan.

    Easy to store

    When the whisk is flat, it easily fits in the kitchen drawer and does not get caught as easily in other cutlery. The flat mode is also convenient to use after, for example, whipping cream. Fold the whisk together so you can more easily scrape off the cream.

    Easy to wash

    The balloon whisk's wires are hygienically closed in the ergonomic handle. Once you have finished whisking, you can wash the balloon whisk in the dishwasher.

    The balloon whisk is available in two sizes: Flisk and Mini Flisk. The Flisk balloon whisk is developed by the Australian company Dreamfarm. Flisk stands for Fold flat balloon whisk.


    Length Mini Flisk: 22,5 cm
    Width Mini Flisk: 5,5 cm
    Diameter Mini Flisk: 5,5 cm
    Height Mini Flisk: 3 cm
    Weight Mini Flisk: 73 g

    Length Flisk: 30 cm
    Width Flisk: 8 cm
    Diameter Flisk: 8 cm
    Height Flisk: 3.5 cm
    Weight Flisk: 110 grams

    Material: Polypropylene and stainless steel, BPA free

  • Article nr: 13716
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 5,5 cm / 8 cm
    Height: 3 cm / 3,5 cm
    Length: 22,5 cm / 30 cm
    Material: BPA free polypropylene, stainless steel
    Width: 5,5 cm / 8 cm
    Colour: Black , Red
    Weight: 0,07 kg / 0,11 kg

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