Grease funnel for waste disposal

Recycle leftover cooking oil
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    • Smart environmental choice
    • Recycled cooking oil becomes new energy
    • Clean pipes

    The grease funnel for waste disposal is a smartly designed funnel you attach to a PET bottle to collect leftover oil and other cooking fats. The fat can then be recycled as raw material for new products, or burned for new energy.

    Recycle your leftover cooking fat

    The grease funnel for waste disposal screws on to a regular PET bottle and fits all standard models and sizes. Pour the leftover fat from the frying pan into the PET bottle after it has cooled down. The funnel-shaped opening makes it easy to pour the cooking oil; the funnel then can be closed up with the inbuilt lid.

    Attaches directly to PET bottle

    On the inside of the grease funnel lid, there'salso a holder for the cap of the PET bottle, so the cap is accessible when the bottle is full and ready to be thrown away. Screw the cap back on and leave the entire PET bottle at the recycling station's grease recycling. The fat gets recycled and becomes new raw materials used when producing soap, detergent, rubber, and plastic.

    Not every municipality has adesignated grease recycling station. The cooking oil then gets recycled as a combustible and can in that way become new energy when manufactured as biogas or biodiesel. You can petition your municipality or tenants' union to mount a grease recycling station. It's not an expensive cost for the municipality or the tenants' union.

    Cooking fat causes blockages in sewage pipes

    In addition to the fact that the cooking oil gets recycled, you also avoid the leftover cooking oil ending up in your pipes. When the fat sets, the water will run much slower, and in the worst-case scenario, the fat can clog the pipes, which are time-consuming and expensive to repair. To minimize the discharge of cooking oil, a good tip is to dry the frying pan with paper to get rid of oil before washing it.

    Diameter top: 8.5 cm
    Diameter bottom: 3 cm
    Height: 8.5 cm

  • Article nr: 12918
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: Bottom: 3 cm , Top: 8.5 cm
    Height: 8.5 cm
    Material: Plastic

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