Key stash with code lock

Hide the extra key to the summer cabin but allow workers or neighbours in

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    • 4-digit code lock
    • Contains up to 20 keys or 14 cards
    • Lock the stash to an object

    With the key stash from ABUS you can keep the extra key in a safer place than under a rock.

    The key-stash is smart to use in your home, or at the summer cabin, and allows you to let workers or neighbours that wants to water your plants inside the house without being at home.

    The key stash has a 4-digit code lock and a powerful shackle that allows you to lock the key stash at a good place. The 4-digit code lock is located behind a small safety hatch that you can easily open when you want to unlock the key stash.

    The key-stash can contain up to 14 plastic cards or 20 keys. When you have opened the hatch, you can change the code and release the shackle from the inside.

    The shackle is 49 mm high and 36 mm wide, which lets you lock the key stash to doorknobs, handrails, fences, and handles. The key stash also has a rubber coating on the backside that protects whatever you want to lock it to from scratches.

    Measurements: 180 mm x 84 mm x 44 mm
    Inner measurements for storage: 5 cm x 6 cm x 3,2 cm
    Safety class: N/A
    Weight: 773 gram
    Shackle height: 49 mm
    Shackle width: 36 mm
    shackle thickness: 10 mm
    Waterproof: IP42

  • Article nr: 13528
    Stock availability: 10
    Depth: 4,4 cm
    Height: 18 cm
    Width: 8,4 cm
    Weight: 0,8 kg

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Key stash with code lock Key stash with code lock

Hide the extra key to the summer cabin but allow workers or neighbours in

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