Oyster knife

Special knife for oyster opening
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    • Special knife for oysters
    • Strong, sharp blade.
    • Wooden handle with good grip.

    With a solid oyster knife, it is much easier to open oysters. This oyster knife is specially designed to open oysters as easily as possible while providing a good, comfortable grip with the wooden handle.

    This knife has a short, stiff blade which means you can coax it into the oyster and the wide hilt between the handle and the blade protects the hands against the sharp edges of the oyster, if you should slip.

    Coax your way into the oyster and cut off the muscle that keeps the top connected with the rest of the oyster. Then simply lift the top and enjoy your tasty oysters!

    Length: 14.5 cm

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    Length: 14,5 cm
    Weight: 0,04 kg

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