Portable light

Chargeable lamp, perfect for doing your make-up
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    • Make-up light with dimmer
    • Two practical suction cups
    • Chargeable battery

    Portable and bright light that gives you a realistic light when doing your make-up. No risk of not blending your foundation out properly!

    The light is easy to bring with you in your bag and place onto any mirror you desire with its sturdy suction cups or you can let it stand on its own on a table. The light has three different brightness levels and can be dimmed by just pressing the button on the side.

    The suction cups are included with the purchase of the mirror and are great for when travelling. The stand, however, is great for when you are doing your make-up at a table. The light can also be permanently mounted with screws.

    The light has approximately 2-4 hours of battery life and the built-in battery can be charged with the USB cable included. The battery is fully charged after approximately 2-3 hours. The screws for permanent mounting of the light are also included with purchase.

    Amount of LEDs in the lamp: 36
    Kelvin: 6500K
    Lumen: 150 lm
    USB cable length: 20 cm
    Chargeable battery: 8013104 Li-Ion 800mAh, 3.7V
    For indoor use only.
  • Article nr: 13069
    Stock availability: 4
    Diameter: 1,5 cm
    Length: 20,5 cm

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Portable light Portable light
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