Rotating makeup organizer

Rotating organizer for your beauty products
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    • Perfect for makeup and creams
    • Two levels with dividers
    • Transparent storage

    Umbra's rotating make-up organizer gives you a practical place to store make-up, creams and other beauty products. The rotating make-up organizer has several smart spaces both on the sides and in the middle. The rotatable lower part can also be rotated 360 degrees so that you can easily reach the things that are at the back.

    Two levels with detachable dividers
    The make-up organizer has two detachable levels that can be used separately or together. You also get nine detachable dividers that you can placed in the sides. The departments help to organize your things and are easy to move and adapt as needed.

    Rotating lower section
    The slightly wider lower section is 25.5 cm in diameter and has storage space both on the sides and in the middle. It also has a rotating disc at the bottom that allows it to spin.

    Upper section with high edge
    The slightly smaller upper section is 16 cm in diameter. The upper section has storage space for jars and creams on the sides, and you can place make-up brushes and other tall make-up tools in the taller storage space in the middle.

    Easy to see what you have
    The rotating make-up organizer is made of transparent acrylic plastic, which makes it easy to see what you have.

    Other uses
    The rotating organizer is also practical to use for items other than make-up. For example, you can use it for office supplies on your desk, for paintbrushes in the studio and much more.

    Diameter: 25.5 cm
    Height: 16.8 cm
    Weight: 700 grams

    Lower section
    Diameter: 25.5 cm
    Height: 6.2 cm
    Inner storage space: Inner diameter 15.6 cm, Edge height 6.2 cm.
    Outer edge height: 2.6 cm to 6.2 cm

    Upper section
    Diameter: 16 cm
    Height: 11 cm
    Internal storage space: Inner diameter 6.3 cm, Edge height 10.2 cm.
    Outer edge height: 3.8 cm to 6.5 cm
  • Article nr: 13737
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    Diameter: 25,5
    Height: 16,8
    Material: Plastic
    Weight: 0,7 kg

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