Quiz Smart 10

200 questions, 2000 possible answers
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    • Everyone answers the same question
    • 2-8 players or 2-8 teams
    • Points counter in the box

    Smart 10 is a fun and award-winning quiz game where everyone has the chance to answer the same question correctly. The many different variants of the questions make for a varied quiz game where everyone has the chance to show off their skills during the game.

    The aim of the game is to know as many correct answers as possible from the 10 answer options on each question card. Each player/team may give one answer at a time and between each answer the box is passed to the next player or team. If you answer correctly, you get one point, but if you answer incorrectly, you lose all the points you have earned in the round and can no longer compete on the current question card.

    If you've earned a point or two in the round, sometimes it's a good idea to pass if there are only clever answers left. When all players/teams have either passed, answered incorrectly or got all the answers right, you add up how many points you got in the round and add them to the score counter on the side of the box. First to 30 points wins!

    The Smart 10's handy size is also a big plus. The small box with the scorekeeper holds 200 questions with 2000 possible answers and is perfect to take on a trip, keep in the boat or take to the park for a quick game at the picnic.

    Smart 10 won Adult Game of the Year 2017 (Gold Dice) and is suitable for ages 14+.

    Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 4.5 cm
    Playing time: 20+ min
    Number of players/team: 2-8
    From: 14+ years

  • Article nr: 13892
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: 4,5 cm
    Length: 12,5 cm
    Width: 12,5 cm

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200 questions, 2000 possible answers
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