Global Cooling — the game

Climate-smart game for 2-6 players
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    • Game time: 1–3 hours
    • Number of players: 2-6
    • For ages 10 and up

    Global cooling is a fun tabletop game developed in Denmark for the whole family!
    The goal of the game is to use renewable energy sources to halt global warming and become the first player to place 4 global wind turbines on the different continents of the world.

    You get rewarded in the game for trading in your SUV for an electric car, buying solar panels for your house, planting new forests, and installing wind turbines on your newly bought property.

    Global Cooling can be played by 2–6 players, and with a game time of 1 to 3 hours it involves anything from fighting over valuable property and gambling at the casino to social media breaks, unforeseen littering fines, and highly sought-after rewards for doing investments in a climate friendly way.

    Each player begins the game with a house, a car, and some starting capital. Roll the dice and move around the game board an equal number of steps to the number shown on the dice.
    Depending on which square you end up at you can either make new investments, buy property, or be forced to pay a fee to one of your opponents.

    Buying plots of land
    If you end up on a broker square you have the opportunity to buy a new plot of land.
    On each of your sites you can buy wind turbines and plant forests.
    If an opponent ends up on your plot of land, they must pay you a fee, and if you end up on one of theirs you must pay them.

    Trade in your SUV for an electric car and be rewarded
    You start the game with a gas-guzzling SUV, but if you are lucky you can end up on the electric car-square, upgrade to an electric car, and get rewarded for doing so.
    For instance, with an electric car you do not have to pay for gas if you end up on the corresponding gas square, and you can get even more bonuses through the global cards.

    Global cards
    During the game you will draw global cards that can change the outcome of the game. You can profit from your environmentally smart investments, win plots of land, or be forced to pay a fine if you are unlucky. If you do not have enough money to pay the fines you may have to pawn your own property, which gives your opponents the possibility of eventually taking it away from you.

    Other events
    If you end up on the casino square you can gamble with your money. The social media square forces you to pass your next turn, as you are not allowed to drive your car while surfing on your phone.

    Who wins?
    Through buying plots of land, planting forests and building small wind turbines, you eventually get the opportunity to place a bigger global wind turbine on one of the 7 continents in the game. The first player to place 4 global wind turbines wins. If the game ends before that, the player with the biggest amount of global wind turbines placed is the winner.

    About Global Cooling, the game
    Global Cooling, the game is produced by the Danish company Change Our Globe. Change Our Globe was started in 2017 by a group of tabletop-enthusiasts with a passion for the environment, that emphasizes being responsible, and making the world a better place for future generations.

    Global Cooling is made exclusively from environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. The plastic parts are made from recycled materials and all the wooden parts and papers are FSC-certified. The FSC-certification guarantees a transparent, responsible, and sustainable production. Furthermore, it ensures a social responsibility for a safe working environment.

    Age range: 10+
    Number of players: 2–6
    Game time: 1–3 hours

  • Article nr: 13511
    Stock availability: 25
    Length: 38 cm
    Material: Recycled plastics, FSC-certified wood and paper
    Width: 26 cm
    Weight: 1,35 kg

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