Rechargeable floor fan

Tackle the summer heat with powerful cooling
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    • Quiet
    • Rechargeable - approx 10h battery life
    • Timer function and remote control

    Meet your new companion for hot summer days and humid nights. This quiet, adjustable and portable fan will be your new best friend when the temperature soars.

    Summer is here, and with it comes a tantalizing mix of barbecue smells, sunburn and recurring anxiety about not having a proper fan. Gone are the days when high temperatures were a rare phenomenon and the sun a temporary novelty. For the unprepared, the prolonged heat risks becoming a real summer nuisance, and it doesn't get any easier for those who live in a stuffy city centre apartment. 

    It's time to cut the cord

    As if that wasn't enough, summer heat and tangled wires are probably one of the most unhelpful combinations of a summer holiday. Now, you may think the beauty of tangled cords is hard to appreciate as it is, but just wait. As you melt in the sunshine, you'll realise that tangles are actually one of life's great trials. Fortunately, salvation is now within reach!

    The fan with everything you need and more

    This rechargeable fan not only keeps you cool in the summer heat, it's also loaded with smart features. With its 12-level adjustable speed, you can adapt the fan to the weather and wind. Everything from light breeze to full turbo. Perfect when you want to simulate a storm in your next TikTok video or just need to add coolness to that nightly cardio session. The included remote control also allows you to control this wonderful creation of a fan without moving a finger - from the comfort of the bathtub to the home cinema or the kitchenette of your airy inner-city apartment. What's more, the timer function ensures that the fan turns off just in time for you to fall into dreamland. The battery life of almost 10 hours will keep you cool all night long.

    In short: this rechargeable wonder is here to stay. It's stylish too!


    Colour: White / Silver
    Height: 100 cm
    Diameter: 33.5 cm
    Power consumption: 30 W
    Oscillation: Yes
    Number of speed levels: 12
    Battery life: Up to 10h
  • Article nr: 14126
    Stock availability: 1
    Battery time: Up to 10h
    Diameter: 33.5 cm
    Height: 100 cm
    Other: 2600 mAh Rechargeable lithium battery , Number of speed levels : 12 , Oscillation: Yes , Power Consumption 30W
    Colour: White/Silver

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Rechargeable floor fan Rechargeable floor fan
Tackle the summer heat with powerful cooling
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