Hybrid grill

Grill with electricity or charcoal
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    • Use as an electric grill or charcoal grill
    • Variable electric heat control
    • Perfect for the balcony or patio

    This smart hybrid grill is basically an electric grill that can be quickly turned into a charcoal grill. The combination allows you to use the hybrid grill as a charcoal grill on the patio or switch to the heating element and use it as an electric grill on the balcony or terrace.

    The hybrid grill can be placed on the table and is practical when you do not have room for a large grill. The grill has a removable heating element that allows you to grill with charcoal one day, and use it as an electric grill on another occasion.

    When you use the hybrid grill as an electric grill, you can grill on the balcony and you can even grill indoors as long as you grill in well-ventilated areas.

    If you grill with charcoal, you must be outdoors, but since the hybrid grill is smaller than a regular grill, it is much easier to take it to the patio, campsite or beach.

    The hybrid grill has two grilling surfaces. On the large grill surface closest to the heating element/embers, you can cook everything from meat, fish and vegetables to barbecue skewers and seafood. The slightly smaller grill surface is raised above the large grill surface. It gives you a useful heating surface that you can also use if you want to grill with lower heat.

    The hybrid grill has no lid, but the practical protection on the back provides good wind protection when you use the grill outdoors. The small fat collection tray under the grill collects dripping fat when you grill with electricity, and catches the ash when you grill with charcoal. Remember to allow the tray to cool completely before emptying it.

    The different parts of the grill are easy to take apart and can be washed by hand.

    Grill surface 1: 43.5 cm x 28.5 cm
    Grill surface 2: 45 cm x 10 cm
    Height between the grill surfaces: 7 cm

    Height: 26 cm (8.5 cm legs, 10 cm grill + 7.5 cm wind protection)
    Width: 47 cm
    Depth: 31.5 cm
    Cord length: 1 metre
    Manual in Swedish, English, Norwegian, etc.

    Grilling with electricity
    When you use the grill as an electric grill, you use the associated heating element. Plug the grill into an electrical outlet and use the variable thermostat to easily control the heat between 115° C - 215° C degrees. The heating element is 2000W and heats up quickly, so you can start grilling.

    Grilling with charcoal
    When grilling with charcoal, it is important that you first remove the heating element and place the grill on a heat-resistant surface. Then fill the grill with charcoal and light it. When the charcoal has an even glow, spread out the charcoal using a long grilling utensil so that you get an even heat. Then just put the grill grate in place and start grilling!

    Important to think about
    The outside of the grill can get to over 300 degrees high (when grilling with charcoal ). It is important that it is not in the vicinity of anything flammable, and that it is standing on stone, concrete or similar surfaces that can withstand high temperatures. The grill should always be on a flat surface, regardless of whether you grill with electricity or charcoal.

    Never use charcoal and the heating element at the same time. The heating element cannot withstand the high temperatures of the charcoal and should not be used as a grill starter as this risks permanent damage. The heating element should only be used when you use it as an electric grill.

    It is important to empty the grill of ash when you change from grilling with charcoal to grilling with electricity. Even though the temperature does not get as hot when grilling with electricity, toxic carbon monoxide gases can still be generated if there are ash or carbon residues left in the grill.

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    Depth: 31,5 cm
    Height: 26 cm
    Width: 47 cm
    Weight: 4,8 kg

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