Saucepan set

Space-saving set of three stackable saucepans
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    • 3 saucepans, removable handle & universal lid
    • Works on all hobs
    • Oven safe up to 200°C degrees.

    Smart saucepan set with three space-saving saucepans in different sizes that can be stacked together. The pans are 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm in diameter and can be used for everything from cooking sauces, stews and casseroles to boiling potatoes and pasta. The pan set comes with a removable handle and a universal lid that fits all three pans.

    Oven-safe pots and pans for all cookers

    The three pans are perfect for a small kitchen and take up little space when stacked together. The pots and pans work on all heat sources, including induction and gas hobs, and are oven safe up to 200°C degrees (NB! not the handle and lid).

    Detachable pan handle

    The detachable handle is easy to attach and can be quickly moved between pots and pans. To open the handle, pull the button on your thumb towards you. Place the handle over the edge of the pan and press the button under the handle with your fingers. The handle is now firmly attached to the pan.

    Note that the saucepan should always stand on a solid surface before releasing the handle again. Never release the handle while lifting or moving the pan.

    Dishwasher-safe pots and pans

    The pots and lids are dishwasher safe and easy to wash in the machine. The handle should only be cleaned with a damp cloth.

    Other maintenance advice

    Do not use metal cutlery in the pans, it can damage the non-stick coating. When using a gas hob, do not allow the flames to flare up on the side so that they reach the handle or lid and overheat them. Never leave an empty pan on the hob with the heat on. If this happens, switch off the heat immediately and allow the pan to cool on the hob before moving it.

    In the package

    3 pans
    1 removable handle
    1 universal lid

    Saucepan, 16 cm

    Inner diameter 16 cm
    Bottom diameter: 15 cm
    Outer diameter: 17,5 cm
    Height: 7,8 cm
    Weight: 390 g

    Saucepan, 18 cm

    Inner diameter: 18 cm
    Bottom diameter: 16 cm
    Outer diameter: 19.4 cm
    Height: 8.8 cm
    Weight 465 grams

    Saucepan, 20 cm

    Inner diameter: 19.5 cm
    Bottom diameter: 17.8 cm
    Outer diameter: 21 cm
    Height: 9.8 cm
    Weight: 550 grams

    Lid with a small air hole

    Diameter: 21.3 cm
    Height: approx. 5 cm
    Weight: 300 grams
    Air/drainage hole: 0.5 cm in diameter.

    Detachable handle

    Length: 19 cm
    Width: 4 cm
    Height: approx. 4.5 cm
    Weight: 200 grams

  • Article nr: 14018
    Stock availability: 1
    Diameter: 16 cm/18 cm/20 cm
    Height: 7.8 cm/ 8.8 cm/ 9.8 cm
    Quantity per pack: 3 pcs pans, 1 pcs detachable handle, 1 pcs universal lid

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