Saucepan Lid Holder 4-pack

Four smart holders for your saucepan lids
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        • Smart space-saving storage
        • Avoid looking for missing lids
        • Attached with strong 3M tape

        This saucepan lid holder from English Joseph Joseph enables you to hang your saucepan lids on the inside of the cupboard door. You can quickly access the lids when cooking, you get more space in the cupboard and can more easily organise your other pots, without having to hear the rattling of loose lids.

        The package contains four holders that you either attach to the inside of the cupboard door, or to the inside of a deep pull-out drawer. In each holder, you can hang a lid that is between 15-24 cm in diameter. The edge of the lid can be just over 1 cm deep.

        The saucepan lid holders are easy to attach to smooth surfaces and fit most kitchen cupboards, and deep drawers. They are attached with strong 3M tape and they are ready to use after the tape has cured for about 24 hours.

        The holders can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if they get dirty. The pan lid holders are not suitable for mounting on porous or roughly textured surfaces.

        Clean dirt and grease stains from the surface, and allow it to dry. Measure out where you want to attach the saucepan lid holders and try to close the cupboard door. Make sure that the saucepan lid holder, and the handle on the lid, do not collide with the shelf. Remove the cover from the tape, attach the saucepan lid holder and hold tight for about 30 seconds. Let the tape harden for about 24 hours before hanging up the lids.

        Number of saucepan lid holders: 4 st
        Dimensions: 19.2 cm x 3.7 cm x 2.2 cm
        The holder fits lids between 15-24 cm in diameter
        The holder fits lids that are a maximum of 1.2 cm deep at the edge
        Design by Joseph Joseph

      • Article nr: 13365
        Stock availability: 0
        Depth: 2,2 cm
        Height: 3,7 cm
        Material: Plastic
        Quantity per pack: 4 saucepan lid holders
        Width: 19,2 cm

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