Small pill containers 3-pack

Take your small items along with you
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    • 100% recyclable material
    • Easy to open/close with one hand
    • Size, 87 ml

    GoTubb are lightweight and food-approved pill containers that are practical to store pills and other small items in. The water-resistant containers are easy to open and close with one hand and have transparent lids in different colours.

    In other words, you can easily see what's in the different containers. The container opens when you press it in the middle and lift the lid with the same hand.

    What can I have in the pill containers?
    The pill containers are very lightweight and easy to use. Each containerholds is perfect for storing and protecting various small items that you want to carry in your pocket, purse or on the go.

    Some examples of things you can store in the containers are; pills, vitamins, nuts, dog treats, spices, change, jewellery and other small items.

    The pill containers are made of food-approved and 100% recyclable materials and are free from BPA, PC and phthalates. The containers can be hand washed in warm water with detergent.

    NOTE! The pill containers are water-resistant but not leak-proof. They should not be used with liquids.

    Comes in a 3-pack
    The pill containers are delivered in a 3-pack of 87 ml jars.

    Volume: 87 ml
    Dimensions: 3,6 cm / 7,4 cm
    Height: 2,6 cm / 3 cm
    Weight: 5,7 gram / 19,8 gram
    Quantity: 3 pill containers
  • Article nr: 13947
    Stock availability: 0
    Material: Food grade plastic. free from BPA, PC and phthalates.
    Quantity per pack: 3 pill containers

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