Snack bag

Recyclable bag for snacks and sweets
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    • Perfect for sweets, nuts and fruit
    • Can be washed in the washing machine
    • Choose between a velcro and a zipper

    With a snack bag, you can easily bring fruit, biscuits, nuts, sweets or a sandwich with you on a trip. The reusable snack bag replaces the need for a disposable plastic bag when you're on the go and is equally practical for both children and adults to have at hand when the blood sugar level needs to be replenished.

    The spacious snack bag is made of organic cotton and has a water-resistant and quick-drying interior that is easy to clean. The snack bag is only made of food-approved materials.

    Available in two different models
    The snack bag is available in two different models. What sets them apart is that they have different ways to close the snack bag. One model has a lid that closes with Velcro and the other model closes with a zipper.

    How much does the snack bag hold?
    Both models hold 4 tennis balls (plus a little more).

    Snack bag, Velcro
    This model of the snack bag has a lid that closes with Velcro.
    The model was awarded the Australian Clean + Conscious Award 2021 in the "Kids meal time" category.

    Dimensions: 19 cm x 17.8 cm

    Snack bag, Zipper
    This snack bag model opens and closes with a zipper.
    Tips! If you open the zipper all the way, you can use the snack bag as a base.

    Dimensions: 17.8 cm x 19 cm
    Fully open: 35.5 cm x 19 cm

    The snack bag is made from food-approved, organic and recycled materials. The exterior consists of 100% organic certified cotton. The interior is made of 100% recycled PET (RPET).

    The water-based dyes in the snack bags are GOTS-certified and have less environmental impact than chemical alternatives. The colours will fade over time, but by washing the bag inside out with a gentle detergent, you can reduce the loss of colour.

    Washing instructions
    For quick cleaning, you can easily rinse off the quick-drying interior with a little water. For a full clean, you can wash the snack bag in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 30 °C. Wash the bag inside out. Tumble dry at low temperature or air dry with the bag open. Make sure that the bag has time to dry completely before storing it.

    The snack bags are hand-sewn in a small family-owned and GOTS-certified factory in India.

    Material: 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.
    Inside: 100% recycled PET (RPET).
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    Material: 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. 100% recycled PET (RPET)

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