Softybag sofa

Inflatable sofa with headrest
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    • Super simple to fill with air
    • Made of durable nylon fabric
    • Folds together quickly

    The Softybag is the comfortable couch that you can bring anywhere! From festivals and beaches to day trips and parks, the Softybad is ready to go! The sturdy construction in durable and highly reinforced nylon fabric means it can even be used on rough and uneven surfaces such as rocks, stone and gravel. The Softybag even floats in the pool! Best of all, it only weighs 760 grams and folds up small, meaning you really can take it with you almost anywhere.

    The smart design also makes the Softybag super easy to set up and in just moments you'll have a comfortable sofa to lounge on. Swipe the Softybag back and forth in order to "catch" the air around you. Then roll up the edges, snap the buckle, and you are all ready to lounge! A fully inflated Softybag holds air for about 10 hours. However, you may need to adjust the seat or occasionally refill the bag during periods of heavy or extended use.

    To fold back down, just undo the buckle to let the air escape on its own. Any remaining air can be pushed out by rolling up the bag and folding it in the middle. The Softybag comes with a handy pouch for simply and organized storage. Innovative, simple and fast.

    On windy days, just tie the storage bag to the buckle and fill it with sand or stones in order to keep the Softybag in place when you're not sitting it and go take a dip into the ocean or a stroll around the park without fear of the Softybag blowing away!

    Tips for windy days:
    Swipe the Softybag forward in the air and close the bag before coming to a stop. After a few tries, the Softybag will have enough air (about 70% capacity) where it can be closed with the buckle and then used normally.

  • Article nr: 12284
    Stock availability: 0
    Length: Dimensions inflated: 175 cm x 75 cm x 50 cm. Dimensions folded: 32 cm x 20 cm x 12cm
    Material: Durable, waterproof reinforced polyester
    Other: Max load: 200 kg , SoftyBag is waterproof, fast drying and floats but is not a floating device. Common sense and supervision is critical during play in water.
    Weight: 0,76 kg

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