Innovator: Olle Mattsson

Splash guard for shoes and trousers

Stay dry on the way to and from work
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                • Protects against rain, sleet and splashes
                • Easy to attach to the legs
                • Easy to fold up and transport

                Boots-in-a-Bag are Swedish-designed and patented rain covers that protect your shoes and trousers from rain, sleet and splashes when you cycle to work. The rain cover is quick and easy to attach the rain cover to your legs. Cleverly designed so you can keep your normal shoes on.

                The rain cover is fastened around the legs with four strong Velcro straps and held in place with a strap under the shoes. The waterproof material protects the sides and tops of your shoes and your lower leg up to the knee. If you wear waterproof trousers, there won't be a gap between the shoe and the trousers so you don't get water in your shoes.

                The rain cover doesn't have its own sole so you don't get as dirty. You also get a better grip on both pedals and the ground when you get on and off the bike.

                The rain cover is very light and takes up the same space as a pair of gloves when you fold it up. Make a habit of putting a pair of rain covers in your bag, backpack or glove compartment so you're always ready for unexpected rain showers. Tip! Watch the video below to see how to fold the rain cover up in the best way.

                The rain cover is made of a very durable woven material with sealed seams. The material also has a bit of stretch in it, so the rain cover feels comfortable when you're walking or pedalling on your bike. The reflective details on each cover also make you more visible in the dark.

                The rain covers come in three sizes.
                Small: shoe size 3-7
                Medium: shoe size 8-10
                Large: shoe size larger than 10
                NB! The sizes are approximate

                How to put on your rain covers
                1. Attach the top Velcro strap around the leg.
                2. Thread the shoe through the strap so the strap is under the toes.
                3. Attach the other velcro straps and adjust the top velcro strap so that the cover fits snugly.

                About Boots-In-A-Bag
                The rain cover Boots in A Bag is a Swedish, patented product developed by Olle Mattsson. Olle always cycled to work in all weathers. His upper body always stayed dry but his socks, shoes and trousers often got wet from rain, sleet and water dripping from his jacket.

                Olle tried several different alternatives to keep his shoes dry to and from work. Wellies kept his feet dry, but were awkward and too hot when the weather changed and the sun came out. Plastic bags and other collapsible rain covers often took up too much space, got dirty and were usually too short. They were also slippery when it was cold outside (and not that comfortable).

                Olle decided to do something about it and developed several prototypes with different functions, materials and durability. In the end, he came up with a solution that made sure that all his requirements were met: the rain covers kept shoes and trouser legs dry and protected from splashes, they were easy to walk in without slipping and didn't take up too much space or get dirty and wet.

                In the winter of 2005, Olle presented his completed product Boots In A Bag at the trade fair ""On 2 wheels"" in Gothenburg. They were an instant success and were named bicycle accessories of the year at the trade fair.

                Material: 65% PVC, 35% Polyester
                Model: Boots in a bag
                Patented Swedish product

                The rain covers can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees.

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