Waterproof shoulder bag

Lightweight and flexible bag that keeps your possessions dry
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    • Floats, waterproof to a depth of 1 metre
    • Practical on the beach, the ferry or a boat trip
    • Wear over the shoulder or fasten to the belt

    With AquaJam's waterproof shoulder bag, you can protect your water-sensitive valuables when on a ferry, the beach or a boat trip in rough seas. The shoulder bag is made of high-quality and waterproof materials, which means that it both floats and is waterproof to a depth of 1 metre.

    The shoulder bag has a capacity of three litres, so you can easily fit your mobile phone, wallet, keys, and a small paperback book inside and still close the roller top fastener. The bag also protects against atmospheric moisture, making it a practical option for storing your moisture-sensitive items such as first aid products when on a boat.

    You close the bag by folding the top back on itself at least 3 times and locking it with the buckle. The closing device makes the shoulder bag 100% waterproof down to a depth of 1 metre.

    The bag can either be fastened to your belt or hung over your shoulder with the shoulder strap. The length of the strap is easy to adjust and the buckles are easy to do up and undo. The belt loop on the back fits belts of up to 5 cm wide.

    The shoulder bag is 32.5 cm tall. After you've rolled the top down to close it, the actual space for storage is about 20 cm high, 16 cm wide and 6 cm deep.

    Model: AquaJam Crossbody Pack
    Volume: 3 litres
    Weight: 157 grams
    Dimensions: 32.5 cm (fully unrolled) x 16 cm x 6 cm
    Waterproof rating: IPX7, waterproof down to a depth of 1 metre

  • Article nr: 13417
    Stock availability: 155
    Depth: 6 cm
    Height: 32,5 cm
    Width: 16 cm
    Weight: 0,12 kg

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