Water bottle with bowl

Always have water for your dog
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    • Water bottle with bowl
    • Built-in bowl
    • For outings or in the car

    Getting everything you need for your dog when leaving the house can be difficult, can't it? This water bottle with a built in bowl can help! Perfect to use both in the car and on outings.

    This water bottle for dogs is equipped with a hook so you can hang it from your belt, backpack, or anywhere else you can think of! This water bottle with a bowl is also very helpful with cats on the move!

    We have bottles that hold either 250 ml or 500 ml.
    The bottles are shipped in unsorted colours: black, red & blue.

  • Article nr: 10515
    Stock availability: 0
    Length: 26cm (500ml), 22cm (250ml)
    Material: Plastic
    Volume: 500ml and 250ml respectively

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Water bottle with bowl Water bottle with bowl
Always have water for your dog
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