Brush glove for dog & cat

Soft and gentle pet de-shedding glove
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    • De-sheds the pet's fur
    • Soft massaging silicone tips
    • Increases blood circulation

    Use the de-shedding glove on your dog or cat to remove pet fur, all while giving your pet a soft and relaxing massage! The glove fits most hands and can also be used in the bath and with water.

    The glove has soft silicone tips on one side and is completely smooth on the other. Put the glove on the right hand and gently pat with the soft tips. The tips brush the fur and catch loose hairs that sticks to the glove. The soft tips mimic a soft and relaxing massage and increases blood circulation.

    Put the glove on your left hand and use the smooth side to give the coat a shine by stroking the glove repeatedly over the coat. The glove fits both small and big hands thanks to the velcro strap and the large opening.

    The de-shedding glove is both water resistant and fast drying. Easily remove hair caught on the glove and throw it in the bin.

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Brush glove for dog & cat Brush glove for dog & cat
Soft and gentle pet de-shedding glove
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