Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Spray 100 ml

Alcohol-free disinfectant for hands and surfaces
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    • Hand sanitizer
    • Surface disinfectant
    • Biodegradable

    Biocool Spray Away is an effective and biodegradable spray that can be used to disinfect either your hands or solid surfaces. Rather than alcohol, the spray contains a quaternary ammonium compound that has been proven to be effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

    The handy spray bottle holds 100 ml and will easily fit in your pocket or handbag. With the spray always at hand, you can quickly disinfect surfaces, objects and your hands, either at home or when travelling.

    The fragrance-free spray neither irritates nor dries the skin the way other alcohol-based hand sanitizers do, yet it still kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi quickly and effectively.

    Disinfect your hands
    Spray a generous amount onto dry hands and rub the liquid in thoroughly. The spray air-dries after about 30 seconds.

    Disinfect a surface
    Spray a generous amount onto the surface or object you want to disinfect. Leave it for about a minute and then wipe off any excess liquid. The disinfectant has a long-lasting effect and is excellent for cleaning your keyboard, handles, or mobile phone.

    Biocool Spray Away is produced in Sweden by the Swedish company Biocool. Biocool produce effective and environmentally friendly products that are easy to use. This spray is biodegradable and is not considered to be hazardous waste.

    100 ml disinfectant
    Active substance: Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC)
    The packaging is recyclable hard plastic.
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    Volume: 100 ml

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Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Spray 100 ml Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Spray 100 ml
Alcohol-free disinfectant for hands and surfaces
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