Reusable cable ties, 20-pack

Can be reused again and again
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    • Sturdy cable ties to attach and hang things with
    • Available in several lengths and colours
    • Supplied in a pack of 20

    Cable ties are great for a lot of things, and these openable cable ties can also be opened and reused many times over. With cable ties, you can attach, fasten and hang things both in the home and in the garden, or use them to attach things to the car or boat.

    The strong cable ties are used just like regular cable ties and lock themselves when you thread the strap into the lock and tighten. The difference from regular cable ties is that you do not have to cut them after use, but they are easy to open and can be reused again and again.

    How do I open the cable tie?
    To open the cable tie, press down on the small flip. This releases the strap, and you can now pull it out of the lock.

    The cable ties are available in three different lengths and are supplied in a 20-pack. Choose the length and colour that best suits your area of ​​use.

    200 mm x 7.2 mm
    300 mm x 7.2 mm
    450 mm x 7.2 mm
  • Article nr: 13484
    Stock availability: 0
    Length: Choose between 200 mm, 300 mm and 450 mm
    Material: Plastic
    Width: 7.2 mm

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Reusable cable ties, 20-pack Reusable cable ties, 20-pack
Can be reused again and again
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