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Automatic parking disc - Autoparktime
Gösta Söderberg & Sven Linnman
Automatic parking disc - Autoparktime
Automatic parking disc - Autoparktime, Model 4
Automatic parking disc - Autoparktime, Model 3
Automatic parking disc - Autoparktime, Model 3

"Autoparktime" Automatic Parking Pass

Parking pass that records parking times
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Gösta Söderberg & Sven Linnman
  • Keeps track of your parking time
  • Avoid unnecessary fines
  • Long battery life

The Automatic Parking Pass "Autoparktime" is a completely automatic parking pass that takes care of your parking time limits. With Autoparktimeinstalled on your windscreen you don't get all those unnecessary fines just because you forgot to put your parking pass in a visible place. 

The Autoparktime Parking Pass has an advanced movement sensor that can sense when your car is in motion. When you have found a parking place and have stayed there for 20 seconds is when it starts showing the time. After an additional 20 seconds the time is set to the closest hour/half-hour mark (according to Swedish regulations.) The display is shown at that time until you drive your car again. The timer is reset after you have driven 20 seconds.

Date and time is installed at the factory and the clock changes to daylight saving time, both summer and winter. When the batteries need changing, after 1.5-2 years, a red light will blink when the car is being driven. After changing the battery, the date and time must be re-entered.

Autoparktime 3 and Autoparktime 4 operate the same way, with the same inbuilt functions. They have different types of mountings, which are held in place on your windscreen with double-sided tape. "Autoparktime" 3 has a mounting that you slide the Pass into. Autoparktime 4 has a practical magnetic mounting that you attach it against.

ATTENTION! For the best adhesion the windscreen should be clean, dry and at least 15 °C at the time of installation. Use the defroster, a hair dryer or a plastic bag filled with warm water in order to warm your windscreen during the winter.

Autoparktime is certified for use in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Malta. Note! Keep in mind that different countries have different parking regulations. In Sweden the time is adjusted to the next whole/half hour, in Denmark to the next quarter of an hour and in Norway the time is not adjusted at all. Select the correct setting by holding the the SELECT button for at least ten seconds until F:30, F:15, F:00 are displayed. Press the SET button and choose the right setting.

Autoparktime 4 has won the Good Design Awards which is granted by the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design.

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