Magnetic door guards for the car

Protects the side of the car against door impact
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    • Protects against dents & scratches
    • Fastens with strong magnet
    • Easy to put on and take off

    With Swedish-developed door guards, you can reduce the risk of door knocks, body damage and other parking injuries that can occur when the car is parked. The soft door guards protect against doors that open a little too carelessly, rolling shopping trolleys and other things that can damage the side of the car in public car parks, supermarkets and crowded car parks.

    Attached to the side of the car with a strong magnet

    The magnetic door guards are convenient to keep in the boot and can be quickly attached to the outside of the car door when parking for shopping and errands. A simple solution, the door guards eliminate the need to repair dents and scratches from door knocks and are easy to remove when you leave.

    Fits many different car models

    The door guards are soft and slightly flexible. They are designed to fit most body lines. Make sure your car has steel in the door panels so that the magnets will attach to the side of the car.

    Use two door guards on each side of the car

    To provide adequate protection in the car park, a kit of 4 door guards is usually needed. This means two protectors on each side of the car. The door guards are placed where the doors of the corresponding car are expected to open.

    If you have a small car, it may be enough to use only a 2-pack. A 2-pack can also be useful if you only have one parking space next to your own car.

    Used on cars with steel door panels

    The door guards are made of a designed foam rubber profile with an extra strong rubber magnet embedded in the guards. The door guards only work on cars with doors that have steel in the door panels.

    Storage of door covers

    Door guards should not be permanently attached and must be removed on departure. The covers are best stored in their original box. Store them in pairs, magnet to magnet. This prevents them from losing their shape and deteriorating the properties of the magnets.

    Length: 74,5 cm
    Width: 5,5 cm
    Depth: 3 cm
    Weight: 400 gram/styck
    Material: Extra-strong rubber magnet embedded in designed foam rubber profile.
    Door covers are recycled as combustible waste. The packaging is recycled as cardboard.

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    Depth: 3 cm
    Length: 74,5 cm
    Material: Rubber magnet embedded in foam, rubber profile
    Width: 5,5 cm
    Colour: Black
    Weight: Each door guard weighs about 0,4 kg

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Magnetic door guards for the car Magnetic door guards for the car
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