Waspinator, 2-pack

Scares wasps away
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    • Scares wasps away
    • Staves off wasps in a six meter radius
    • Can be used all year round

    Keep wasps away with the Waspinator.
    The Waspinator prevents wasps from getting too close, ensuring that they stay away from your terrace or outdoor dining area.

    The Waspinator uses an ingenious design that resembles a real wasp nest. Since wasps are very territorial creatures, they won't enter areas where another colony has a hive or nest. When the wasps catch sight of the scarecrow nest, they'll turn away in fear. This system keeps the wasps at bay, usually at least 6 metres from the area.

    Wasps are important insects to their ecosystem as they help pollinate plants and are essential prey for other animals, but they are still pests for humans. The Waspinator uses an innovative design that keeps wasps away while making sure they aren't harmed, a great way for everyone to be happy.

    For best results, make sure there are no other actual wasp nests nearby; if there are, make sure to remove those before installing the Waspinator. Once everything is ready, the Waspinator is easily fastened nearly anywhere thanks to its simple mount.

    The Waspinator is made of recyclable plastic and is weather resistant, meaning you can leave it out all year round. No need to worry about putting it up and down at the start and end of each season.

    Height: approximately 30 cm
    Diameter: approximately 27 cm at the top and 4 cm at the bottom
    Number of Waspinators per packet: 2 pcs
  • Article nr: 12280
    Stock availability: 67
    Diameter: 4 cm - 27 cm
    Height: 30 cm
    Material: Recyclable polypropylene
    Quantity per pack: Two Waspinators

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Waspinator, 2-pack Waspinator, 2-pack
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