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Bottle Stand
Bottle Stand
Bottle Stand

Bottle Stand

Use every last drop in the bottle
€ 6.20
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  • Store your bottle upside down
  • Use every last drop in the bottle
  • Perfect for ketchup, honey, washing-up liquid, etc.

This clever bottle stand lets you store bottles upside down so that you can use every last drop and cut down on waste. The stand is perfect for bottles that contain thick sauces, ketchup, honey, syrup, washing-up liquid or shampoo, and is compatible with several different kinds of plastic bottles.

The bottle stand is screwed onto the neck of the plastic bottle and replaces the regular lid. The three legs help keep your bottle stable when turned upside down, and gravity ensures that the last few drops make their way down to the opening.

Once you've let the bottle stand for a while, and the bottle's contents have gathered in the bottle neck, simply pick up the bottle (including the stand) and use it as usual: open the lid that is attached under the stand and squeeze out the last bit of ketchup or the last few drops of washing-up liquid. If you don't use up all the contents, just close the lid and you use it another time.

The bottle stand can either be used individually or with one of the three adapters that are included in the pack. The adapters ensure that the stand fits many of the most common plastic bottles on the market.

The bottle stand fits diameters of: 3.7 cm
Adapter 1 fits diameters of: 3.2 cm
Adapter 2 fits diameters of: 2.7 cm
Adapter 3 fits diameters of: 2.3 cm

The bottle stand and adapters are dishwasher safe.

Note! Remove the small gasket from the bottle stand and adapters before washing them in the dishwasher. Make sure the gaskets are in place before you screw the bottle stand or adapter back onto the bottle.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 cm
The bottle stand is not compatible with glass bottles.
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Use every last drop in the bottle
€ 6.20