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HEXA wooden knife magnets
Ola Särén
HEXA wooden knife magnets
HEXA wooden knife magnets
HEXA wooden knife magnets
HEXA wooden knife magnets
HEXA wooden knife magnets
HEXA wooden knife magnets
HEXA wooden knife magnets
HEXA wooden knife magnets

HEXA wooden knife magnets

Handmade knife holders in walnut, ash and oak
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Ola Särén
  • Handmade knife magnets
  • Easy installation with double-sided adhesive tape
  • Use together or separately

These Swedish-made HEXA wooden knife magnets are handmade knife holders in beautifully patterned, and carefully selected pieces of walnut, ash and oak. You can arrange the pieces together into a long knife holder or use them separately. You place the pieces exactly as you like, in the way you think they best fit in your own kitchen.

Each knife holder has a built-in magnet that holds your knife against the wood. The strong neodymium magnet is centred in the middle of the knife magnet and can hold a large chef's knife.

The knife magnets are easy to put up and you do not have to drill holes in the wall, as you attach them with strong double-sided adhesive tape. Make sure the surface is dry and clean of grease stains before putting up the knife magnets.

The knife magnets can be bought in a 3-pack or 5-pack. The 3-pack contains three knife magnets in the same type of wood. The 5-pack contains 3 knife magnets in walnut and 2 knife magnets in white-pigmented ash wood.

Choose from:
3-pack Ash (white pigmented)
3-pack Walnut (natural)
3-pack Oak (natural)
5-pack: 3 walnut pieces + 2 white-pigmented ash pieces

The pieces are treated with a non-toxic hard wax oil. Hard wax oil contains only natural vegetable oils that are approved for contact with food. The ash pieces have a faint white pigmented treatment. It retains the natural fresh colour of the material and counteracts the yellow tones that otherwise appear over time.

Make sure the knife is clean and dry before hanging it on the magnet. If the knife magnets get dirty, you can easily wipe them with a damp cloth.

The knife magnets are hand-produced by Ola Särén Design and manufactured in Onsala, Sweden.

Dimensions: 12.7 cm x 11 cm x 2 cm
Dimensions magnet: approx. 2.5 cm in diameter

Material; Ash, walnut or oak
Surface treatment: Osmo hard wax oil
Magnet: Neodymium

NOTE! Wood is a living material, which means that the products can vary in appearance from piece to piece.

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HEXA wooden knife magnets
Handmade knife holders in walnut, ash and oak
From € 107