KAI Bread knife

Cut freshly baked bread with Japanese precision
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Wasabi Shun Classic
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    • Extremely sharp blade
    • Designed and made in Japan
    • Slices bread without flattening it

    There are normal bread knives, and then there are bread knives from Japan. The Japanese bread knives from KAI easily cut thin slices of newly baked loaves and sourdough bread without squishing or flattening it.

    The blades on KAI bread knives are serrated, extremely sharp and will slice just as effectively whether you are pushing the knife away from you or pulling it towards you. The knife fits your hand perfectly and is very well balanced. The sharp blade and elegant Japanese design make KAI the obvious choice for both private and professional kitchens.

    The knife comes in two versions: Kai Wasabi and Kai Shun Classic.

    Kai WASABI
    The black handle is made of a combination of polypropylene and bamboo powder. This is especially hygienic as bamboo naturally has anti-bacterial properties. The handle is perfectly moulded to the blade, making it easy to keep clean.

    The blade is made of stainless polished steel and is washed by hand with a mild washing-up liquid. The bread knife is a part of the series WASABI from KAI.

    Blade dimensions: 23 cm
    Handle dimensions: 12,5 cm
    Carbon content: 1K6
    Hardness: 58 HRC +/-1

    Kai SHUN Classic - Top-rated!
    The Kai Shun Classic bread knife was rated as the best knife in a popular bread knife contest in Norway 2019! The bread knife is part of the SHUN series from KAI

    The blade on Kai Shun Classic is made of high-quality VG-MAX steel and Damascus steel comprising 32 layers on each side giving the knife its unique and beautiful pattern. The handle is made of laminated pakkawood that has been sanded and polished to give it a shiny finish.

    Blade dimensions: 23 cm
    Handle dimensions: 12,2 cm
    Hardness: 61 HRC +/-1

  • Article nr: 13120
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    Length: Handle: 12.6cm. Blade: 23cm
    Quantity per pack: Choose between the two bread knives Kai WASABI and Kai SHUN CLASSIC

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