Banana case

Protects both straight and curved bananas
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    • Flexible case that fits most bananas
    • Protects the banana from knocks
    • Protects your things from being covered in mashed banana

    The Banana Bunker banana case is a hard but flexible banana case that protects your banana from bumps and knocks. The case protects the banana from getting crushed in your bag, which protects your things from getting covered in mashed banana.

    A banana is an excellent snack that is a good source of energy, but whether you take a banana with you to work, school, on a trip or to the gym, you don't want it getting crushed on the way. Banana Bunker's hard case protects the banana from being squashed and bumped, breaking the banana.

    Suitable for both straight and curved bananas
    The flexible middle part of the banana case means that the case can fit both straight and curved bananas. Even slightly longer bananas can fit in the case, as the holes in the ends allow the banana to protrude on both sides.

    Bend the case before placing the banana inside
    Pull out and bend the bottom of the case so that it has the same shape as the bottom of the banana. Insert the banana with the bottom first and then attach the top of the case by twisting it. The banana is now protected and you can safely place it into your backpack, lunchbox, briefcase or gym bag.

    Length: 23 cm
    Diameter: 6 cm
    Weight: about 40 grams
    Material: Polystyrene plastic
    Quantity per package: 1 banana case
  • Article nr: 13615
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 6 cm
    Length: 23 cm
    Material: Polystyrene plastic
    Colour: Clear , Yellow
    Weight: 0.04 kg

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