Egg Pricker

Boil your eggs without having them crack
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    • Pokes a hole in the egg.
    • Prevents cracks during boiling.
    • Try blowing out the egg.

    The egg pricker quickly and easily pokes a little hole in the egg shell. This hole greatly reduces the chances of cracks or breaks in your eggs while hard-boiling.

    Turn the dial from Lock to Punch. Place the egg with the wide end down into the Egg Pricker and carefully push. The sharp needle pricks a hole in the shell as well as the little air bubble inside. When that air bubble is disrupted the chances of the egg breaking in the pan are greatly reduced.

    If you want to try blowing out the egg, make holes in each end. You can then blow carefully into one end and the contents of the egg will come out the other end, leaving the shell intact and empty. These empty shells are a fun treat for Easter, where they can be painted, decorated, and hung up on the Easter bouquet.

  • Article nr: 10494
    Stock availability: 125
    Height: 2.5 cm
    Length: 7 cm
    Material: Plastic
    Width: 5 cm

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