Bendable suspension hook

Strong rubber hook with steel wire
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    • Bend and adjust as needed
    • Can be used outdoors
    • Strong steel wire core, rubberized exterior

    With this bendable suspension hook, you can easily set up a practical hanger where you need it the most. The hanging hook is useful in the home, garage, storage or in the garden and is excellent for hanging up garden equipment, tools, bags, plants and many other things.

    Can be shaped as needed
    The suspension hook can be shaped and adapted exactly as you want it. You can use it as an S-hook, make loops or twist it into place. The rubber-coated exterior has high friction and provides a good grip. Inside is a strong steel wire that ensures that the hook keeps its shape after you bend it.

    Easy to adjust as needed
    The suspension hook can be quickly shaped and adapted to the purpose. Bend, loop or twist one end around an anchor point. Bend into a suitable hook at the other end and hang up whatever it is you want to hang up.

    Practical even in the garden
    The suspension hook can be used both indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather. It is waterproof, UV-resistant and does not scratch or leave marks. Perfect to use as a movable hook even in the garden or on the balcony.

    How heavy a load can the hook bear?
    It depends a bit on how you shape the hook and what the attachment point looks like. A narrower attachment point provides a greater opportunity to create a strong hook at both ends. A thicker attachment point gives less leeway to make a strong hook.

    Length unfolded: 22 cm
    Diameter: 1 cm (1.7 at the ends)
    Material: Rubber, steel wire
  • Article nr: 13679
    Stock availability: 9
    Diameter: 1 cm, 1.7 cm
    Length: 22 cm
    Material: Steel wire, rubber
    Weight: 0.03 kg

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