Innovator: Jan Lund

Smarthook tool holder, 3-pack

Swedish-made holder for tools & utensils
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    • Sort and hang your tools
    • Easy to attach & detach tools
    • Supplied in a 3-packSmart

    Hook is a universal tool holder that makes it easy to hang and sort your tools and utensils.
    The tool holder is easy to install in the storage room, garage or tool shed and the unique foam holder can grip a wide variety of tools and utensils.

    Helps you sort the tools

    The tool hanger can hold many different types of tools and equipment, and also works for ski poles, golf clubs and other leisure items you want to hang up. With SmartHook, you'll have easy access to your tools and won't have to search for them when you need them most.

    Unique foam mount

    It's easy to wedge a tool into SmartHook's mouldable foam holder. The foam holds the tool in place and instead of having your tools lying in a toolbox, you can have your tools set up where you can easily access them.

    Delivered in a 3-pack

    The package contains 3 tool holders. Each tool holder holds 7 different tools ranging from 3 mm to 17 mm in size. In total, the three tool holders hold 21 different tools. You can use the three tool holders next to each other or separately. Hang them where you need them most!

    Hang tools, utensils & hobbies

    Examples of tools, utensils and leisure items that you can attach to the SmartHook include various hand tools, drills, socket wrenches, wrenches, scissors, pens, gardening tools, ear muffs, paint brushes, golf clubs, poles and fishing rods.


    The tool hanger can be mounted on a tool wall, on the inside of a door or against a wall. Mounting the SmartHook on a tool board is the easiest way, but it works just as well to screw the tool holder into the cleaning cabinet or directly against the wall as long as you use the appropriate plug and screw for the surface you are screwing the hanger onto.

    Width: 19.5 cm
    Height: 4.6 cm
    Depth: 4.2 cm
    Weight: approx. 50 grams
    Capacity: 3 mm to 17 mm
    Material: ABS plastic, Alveolus foamCountry of manufacture: Sweden

    Screw holes on the back
    Width: 24 mm
    Height: 6 mm
    Screws and dowels not included.
    Use screws with flat underside.

  • Article nr: 13984
    Stock availability: 0
    Depth: 4,2 cm
    Height: 4,6 cm
    Width: 19,5 cm
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 0,17 kg

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