Beurer - 100 years of health and well-being

By 1919, World War I had just ended and the couple Käthe and Eugen Beurer were living in bad conditions in the city of Ulm in southwestern Germany. One day they asked themselves a question: "What can we do to support ourselves and create warmth for people in these dark cold times?".

The couple, particularly Käthe Beurer, suddenly had an idea; a vision of electric heating pads. People could use heating pads to create a comfortable heat source in their homes in the future; an incredibly efficient alternative to beds or bottles filled with hot water which were in those days the usual ways of keeping warm.

In the same year, they took the first step and started their own company and production of the heating pads using the two sewing machines they had at home. The heating pads soon became a success, the company began to grow and the foundation for Beurer's future had been laid.

The Beurer's entrepreneurial spirit and vision have been maintained throughout the generations and from 2003, Maco Bühler has been the fourth generation to be responsible for the family-owned company.

In 2019 Beurer celebrated 100 years. Since the company began 100 years previously, the Swabian family business has grown into a global company with over 1000 employees. That first heating pad has grown into Beurer's range of over 500 products.

The heating pad is still a part of the range and additional heat products have been added over the years. In addition, Beurer has expanded its range to include high-quality product categories. Beauty, well-being, active and medical products are some of the product categories that have appeared over the years, all in line with Käthe and Eugen Beurer's original idea over 100 years ago - to help people feel better.
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Electric lice comb Electric lice comb
Effectively removes head lice without lice shampoo
28.50 €
Luggage scale, dynamo-driven Luggage scale, dynamo-driven
Dynamo-driven baggage scale, high-precision weighing
28.50 €
Insect bite healer Insect bite healer
May relieve itching and swelling associated with insect bites
33.20 €
Wireless heated belt Wireless heated belt
Portable belt with soothing self-heating feature
90 €
Heat poncho Heat poncho
Adjust the heat with the remote
67 €
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