Electric lice comb

Effectively removes head lice without lice shampoo
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    • Kills head lice and their eggs
    • Moves through the hair easily
    • For both children and adults

    Get rid of unwanted head lice with this electric lice comb. With the Beurer HT15 electric lice comb, you don't need to use lice repellent or lice shampoo, but can kill lice and their eggs in your hair and on your scalp just by combing your hair.

    Before you start combing, it's important that your hair is completely dry. Brush your hair with a regular brush before using the lice comb to make it easier to pull the lice comb through your hair.

    Hold the lice comb at an angle of about 45 degrees from the scalp and pull it slowly through the hair, from the roots to the ends. Carefully move through the hair all over your head and comb a little hair at a time so you don't miss a spot.

    The lice comb uses mild electric shocks to kill lice. When you turn on the comb, you'll hear a high-frequency sound. When the comb encounters a louse or an egg, the sound changes temporarily and the comb emits an electric shock. If the lice comb falls silent during use, turn it off and clean the comb teeth with the supplied cleaning brush.

    After use, clean the lice comb with the cleaning brush. If there are lots of you in the household sharing the comb, you may want to use a disinfectant cleaning fluid or spray between each person.

    The lice comb can also be used to rid your dog or cat of lice. NOTE! If you use the lice comb on your pet, do NOT use it later on yourself or any other person.

    The electric lice comb is classified as a medical product and can be used by children over 8 years. The comb is powered by 1 AA battery (included).

    Included in the pack: electric lice comb, cleaning brush, protective cover.
    Battery: 1 1.5 V alkaline AA battery (LR06). Battery included.
    Model: Beurer HT15, 3 year warranty.
    The lice comb is made in Germany.
    Dimensions: 15.8 cm x 3.7 cm x 5 cm
    Manual in English

    The lice comb should not be used on birthmarks or skin ulcers.
    The lice comb should not be used by or on people with a pacemaker, epilepsy or any heart condition.
    Do not touch the metal parts of the lice comb when it's switched on, as you may receive an electric shock.
    People with sensitive scalps may experience a tickling or itchy feeling during use. This is completely normal, and the lice comb is perfectly safe.

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    Depth: 5 cm
    Length: 15,8 cm
    Manual: Manual in English
    Width: 3,7 cm
    Weight: 0,05 kg

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