Innovator of the month: Rosemarie Ceder
Innovation of the month: Dishwasher Magnet

Are the mugs in the dishwasher clean or dirty? Rosemarie got tired of having to pick up and check the kids’ empty cups of chocolate milk to answer this question. This was the driving force behind the development of the disc magnet. An invention that clearly shows whether the dishes in your machine are clean or dirty. Rosemarie has been working with SmartaSaker since 2006 and today the dishwasher magnet is sold mainly to private individuals but is also commonly used in workplaces.


Rosemarie grew up in Järfälla, Sweden but now lives in Hässelby in the capital city of Stockholm. Rosie has worked at a preschool and various petrol stations, but family life and her role as a mother of three has always been her top priority. 


"I got tired of having to guess whether the dishes in the machine were clean or dirty"


Rosie says she invented the dishwasher magnet because she needed it herself.


"I got tired of having to guess whether the dishes in the machine were clean or dirty. I wanted to simplify everyday life and started thinking about the best way to solve this.”


At the same time, Rosie heard from a close acquaintance that this problem also existed in the workplace.


“At my friend's workplace, they used a plain A4 sheet to solve the problem. On one side of the paper someone had written 'clean dishes' and on the other side it said 'dirty dishes'. The sheet was then taped to the dishwasher, but every time someone opened the machine, the sheet fell off.


Rosie then understood that there was a demand and that she wasn’t the only one wanting a solution.

"The dishwasher magnet sells itself, which is lucky because I'm no salesperson."


It only took a few months for Rosie to turn her idea into reality. Initially, she assembled the dish magnet herself at home in her kitchen.


“But as the orders rolled in, it ended up being too much for me to sit and do myself.  So I contacted a company that could make the dishwasher magnet for me. Today, they arrive finished and are much more professional.”


Rosie has sometimes exhibited her product at trade fairs, putting her innovation on display. But generally, she doesn't really like showing herself off.


“The dishwasher magnet sells itself, which is lucky because I'm no salesperson. SmartaSaker got in touch with me when I exhibited at the Stockholm Trade Fair and since 2006, I've been one of your innovators.”


"Zero frills, the important thing is clarity and understanding"


“The easiest thing has been to sell the invention. I’m very grateful for this. I think the secret is zero frills, the important thing is clarity and understanding.”


Rosie says that she often receives positive reactions from people around her and that her innovation is used both at home and in the workplace.


"I developed the Swedish dishwasher magnet first. But it has now also been translated into both English and Norwegian.”


Rosie took the train to hand out her dishwasher magnets


“I wanted to save on shipping costs, so I packed my bag full of dishwasher magnets and took the train. I then travelled around delivering my dishwashing magnets to my retailers.”


Although Rosie doesn't have time to make personal deliveries today, she enjoys being in touch with her retailers. She now runs an online shop where she sells her dishwasher magnets as well as products such as aprons, dish cloths and fabric bags with her own prints from her embroidery machine. 


“I don’t have any plans to develop new innovative products. The dishwasher magnet was very easy to develop, so it's scary to have to go through the product development phase if it's going to be a hassle. I have plenty to do and I like the freedom of being able to work when I want.”

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