Innovator: Sofie Westberg

Rheva Wound Protection Plasters

Protects against infections and accelerates wound healing
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    • Gentle wound healing
    • Strong adhesion and protection
    • Two different sizes

    The Rheva horse patch effectively protects wounds against infections and provides a gentle healing process. The patch ensures that the wound breathes and is easy to apply. Available in sizes small 5x7 cm and large 7x10 cm for different wound sizes and placements.

    Breathable and anti-infection mesh

    The specially adapted mesh in the Rheva patch effectively protects against the greatest risks of infection. It acts as a barrier against insects while allowing the wound to breathe, which is essential for fast and healthy healing.

    Top quality plasters

    The horse patch is made of medical grade acrylic adhesive and TPE plastic, materials that ensure strong adhesion and durable protection.

    Choose between small, large or combo

    With two sizes - small (7x5 cm) and large (10x7 cm) - the patch can be adapted to different types of wounds and locations on the horse's body. The small size is ideal for wounds up to 2.5×4.5 cm, particularly suitable for legs and joints, while the large is suitable for covering and healing injuries on the body, for wounds up to 7×4 cm. Small and large include two plasters. The combo includes two of each size.

    Non-contact patch

    The horse patch is designed not to come into direct contact with the wound. This contributes to a more gentle wound healing, and helps to keep the wound moist, which is important especially at the beginning of the healing process.

    User-friendly and effective

    With a white plastic film that protects the adhesive surface before use, the patch is easy and hygienic to apply.

    How to use it

    Start by thoroughly cleaning the wound and the area where the patch is to be applied. It is important that there are no traces of fur or other foreign material in the wound. To clean the wound, saline solution is usually recommended as it is gentle and effective.

    Then dry the area around the wound thoroughly. Consider carefully shaving hair from the area to create a smoother and better surface for the plaster to adhere to. Carefully remove the white plastic film protecting the adhesive surface and apply the patch directly to the prepared area. Once the patch is in place, press gently but firmly around the edges to ensure good contact with the skin.

    About Rheva

    The idea for the horse patch was born in the summer of 2013 when the horse Fengur suffered a hard-to-heal wound. Although the wound was deep, the veterinarian judged that it could not be stitched as it was placed over a joint. In the intense summer heat, the wound was constantly exposed to flies, preventing a natural healing process.

    Instead of stitching, pieces of a flyswatter were attached with elastic bands around the leg, protecting the wound while allowing it to breathe. The idea was further developed as a UF company and eventually became the net-shaped, breathable protection that Rheva horse patches are today - a unique and patented idea that combines wound care with insect protection.


    Colour: Black
    Length, small: 7 cm
    Length, large: 10 cm
    Width, small: 5 cm
    Width, large: 7 cm
    Number per pack, small/large: 2
    Number per pack, combo: 4
    Swedish innovator: Sofie Westberg
  • Article nr: 14239
    Stock availability: 0
    Length: Large: 10 cm , Small: 7 cm
    Material: Acrylic glue, TPE
    Quantity per pack: 2-4
    Width: Large: 7 cm , Small: 5 cm
    Colour: Black

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