Innovator: Viktor Ström
Viktor Ström

Soapstone heating pad, Ergostone

Soft sand cushion that warms or cools
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    • Very good cooling and heat retention properties
    • Comfortable weight, can also be used as a dumbbell
    • Made in Sweden from durable materials

    Ergostone Original is a modern silicone heating pad with a core of finely ground soapstone that can be heated into a heating pad or cooled into a mouldable cooling bag. The soft stone cushion resembles a stress ball in texture and can be twisted and wrapped around sore spots. Ergostone is always soft and mouldable, even when it is ice cold.

    Ergostone provides a pleasant warmth or coolness and is comfortable to use for relaxation as well as for recovery and pain relief. Depending on what you need it for at the moment, you can either heat the soapstone cushion in the oven or microwave or chill it in the fridge or freezer.

    Soft case in stretch velour

    The Ergostone heating pad comes with a soft stretch velour fabric cover. The soft outer cover is comfortable against the skin and has two straps, about 50 cm long, on one side and a loop at the other end. With the cover you can fix the heating pad and, for example, tie it over your shoulders, around your stomach or around a knee, leg or arm.

    Heat the heating pad in the oven or microwave

    Heat Ergostone in the oven or microwave to relieve joint pain, sore muscles and menstrual cramps with comfortable heat. The soapstone sand has good heat retention and holds heat longer than wheat pads, rice pads and buckwheat pads. Ergostone is also comfortable to use as an extra source of warmth during cold nights.

    Refrigerate or freeze the soapstone cushion

    If you chill the stone pillow in the fridge or freezer instead, it is effective for quick pain relief of swellings, injuries, sprains, burns and headaches. Ergostone has the same cooling power as cold packs and other cooling pads and is also comfortable to cool down with on hot summer nights.

    Natural weight for relaxation & training

    The finely ground soapstone powder gives the stone pillow a weight of 2 kg. The pleasant weight is relaxing to use on the body and acts much like a miniature weighted blanket. You can also use the stone cushion as a weight for rehabilitation and as a dumbbell for strength training.

    Swedish made heating pad

    The Ergostone Original heating pad is made in Åre from recyclable materials. The durable silicone cover is of very high quality and the soapstone sand comes from the soapstone mine in Handöl, Jämtland.

    Cleaning the Ergostone

    The grey heating pad can be washed by hand with detergent in warm water. The silicone can also be disinfected with hand sanitizer. The black case should preferably be hand-washed in cold or lukewarm water. Only in exceptional cases when the case is extremely dirty should you machine wash it at 60°C.

    Specifications Ergostone Original

    Length: 45 cm.
    Width: approx. 11 cm.
    Height: approx. 3.5 cm.
    Weight: 2 kg.
    Outer material: 100% silicone.
    Core: 100% soapstone from the soapstone mine in Handöl, Jämtland, Sweden.
    Fabric bag: 95% polyester, 5% elastane.
    Fabric bag strap, length: approx. 50 cm.
    Always remove the case before heating or cooling the heating pad.
    Avoid contact with sharp objects.

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    Height: 3,5 cm
    Length: 45 cm
    Material: Core: Soapstone. Protection: 100% Silicone. Liner: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
    Width: 11 cm
    Colour: Black , Grey , Orange
    Weight: 2 kg

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