Innovator: Stefan Lundvall

Book Bow

Keeps your book open
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Black 30-50 cm
Black 30-50 cm
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    • Keeps hands free for other things
    • Ideal for cooking, knitting or making notes while reading
    • Extendable 30-50 cm

    Whether you are reading recipes in the kitchen, musical notes at the piano, your favourite book in bed or sitting down for a study session, this book bow is a clever tool for keeping your books open on the right page. The book bow allows you to have your hands free to cook, play music or knit without the book closing by itself.

    Wrap the book bow around a cookbook, maths book, instruction book, or a paperback. Often our favourite books close on their own, and the book bow helps keep them open without occupying your hands. The book bow also relieves your arms and shoulders when reading heavier books since you don't need to hold the book open.

    Tip! Pulling out the tubes lets you expand and loosen the book bow to create enough space where you can turn pages even when the book bow is still on the book.

    The book bow is light, flexible and extendable 30-50 cm.
  • Article nr: 12404
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    Material: Polypropylene plastic
    Width: 30-50 cm
    Weight: 0,03 kg

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