Innovator: Carina Ahlburg
Carina Ahlburg

Recycling sorting box

    Stylish recycling storage box for paper

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      • Put the recycling directly in the bin
      • The lid hides newspapers & empty packaging
      • Adapted for English standard sized paper bags

      The sorting box is a Swedish-designed sorting station that is practical for storing newspapers, plastic, cardboard, glass or metal cans that are to be recycled. Place a paper box in the sorting box, put in the recycling and when it is full, just lift out the whole paper box and you can take it to the recycling station.

      The stylish bin can be used at home or in the office. The storage box is adapted for standard English-sized paper bags and with the lid on, you don't have to see the empty packaging.

      The recycling box is made of recyclable cardboard. The cardboard is coated with a water-based paint. The reinforced handles on the short sides make it easier to move the bin.

      The sorting box is delivered folded in a 1-pack. Assembly is done with the supplied screws and there is a manual with instructions to follow. No tools are needed for assembly. The raised section at the bottom of the box protects the bag from getting stuck in the rivets at the bottom.

      The storage box is designed by Carina Ahlburg. It was originally designed in 2004 and redesigned in 2011. During the redesign, the lid was added and the storage box was shaped to fold for delivery. A smart environmental approach that is also reflected in the fact that the manufacturing takes place in Lithuania and not on the other side of the globe.

      Quantity in the package: 1 pc.
      Width: 21,5 cm
      Depth: 37,5 cm
      Height: 52 cm
      Unassembled: 59 cm x 72 cm x 2 cm
      Assembly: screws and nuts included, no tools needed
      Material: recyclable cardboard, water-based paint
      Country of manufacture: Lithuania

    • Article nr: 13826
      Stock availability: 55
      Depth: 21,5 cm
      Height: 52 cm
      Quantity per pack: 1 pc recycling box
      Width: 37,5 cm
      Colour: White
      Weight: 1 kg

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